Welcome to our blog!

Welcome the London AFOLs Blog and our very first blog post.

Who are we?

London AFOLs is a group of Adult Fans of Lego who live in or near London. We meet once a month in a pub in Euston (or on Zoom at present) and play with, chat about and generally geek out about our common interest - Lego. Membership is free and everyone is welcome. You can join and find more information about us on Meetup.com.

What's all this about then?

Many of our members are prolific Lego MOC builders. Some have encyclopaedic knowledge of particular Lego themes. Others are technical wizards when it comes to Lego building techniques. So we thought a blog to promote their MOCs, ideas, research and knowledge would be a useful thing.

We hope you enjoy all the exciting content we plan to bring you!

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